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Our two primary military articles are up-  Military Service and Military Structure.  I have to do clean-ups for language and editing, plus I didn't totally finish some of the rank descriptions, but it should be more than enough to get started on a military character.  HOWEVER, IF YOU HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS OR BELIEVE FURTHER INFORMATION SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE PAGES, GIMME A HOLLAH.

Also, all of the pages up so far have been sorted into their respective categories: Setting, Mechanics, Character, and Applicant.   The Glossary is also well-underway, and it is my intention that every single Setting and Mechanics page will have a link included in the glossary.    THE K'S AND S'S WILL KILL ME THOUGH.

I will be reading A Thousand Leagues of Wind, The Skies at Dawn (the Youko/Shoukei/Suzu novel) this week as well, just to make sure I have the feel of the military and politics correct.   Again, I highly recommend this novel if you are going for a king-type character, since a lot of it questions the personality and traits of a king.  I also recommend it if you are going for an asshole ([personal profile] sporky_rat  is on that train already), and recommend it if you are going to play in one of the declining/recovering countries of RH, such as Sai, Shun, Ryu, Tai, and especially En.

There is another anime/book series I would highly recommend for a feel of the Twelve Kingdoms kind of world: Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit.  It is about a female spear-master, Balsa, and her ordeal in trying to protect Prince Chagum from his father who wishes to assassinate him.  For those of you with Netflix, you can stream the series, or else you can go on Amazon and nab the book for $5.  While the world of Moribito is not referenced in RH, it is also an example of a Japanese/Chinese fantasy world, and I thought the characterizations were especially inspiring, since they are more flexible and humorous than a lot of our 12k canon characters.  

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