Jun. 3rd, 2012

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Check out the Recent Changes to the Restless Heavens wiki!

1) The individual kingdoms' entries should be mostly uniform now.  All of them should have complete National Temperament and Economy sections filled out - sections like Political Climate and History will be filled out as players flesh out the kingdoms in-story.  On the RH forums, there will be a thread for each of the kingdoms' wiki pages, so that people who are involved in that kingdom can hash out ideas and propose additions/changes to the kingdom's profile.

2) Good news in the Application section...no more writing sample!  Instead, players applying for a Major Player Character will have to write at least 500 words about their character's Political Philosophy.  Please let me know if you have concerns about this - I'm of the opinion that given the political nature of the Twelve Kingdoms canon, it should be no problem for anyone to wank up 500 words about it, but if we need to discuss it, I'm open. 

3) Also, the Applicant Portal is filled out with the basics of building up your character.  Under WHAT, I pointed out the Special Types of characters (the Mary Sue Sparklepoo categories of king, kirin, hanjyuu, taika, etc), and emphasized that in the current era, you can only have one of each type of special characters, though you can have as many characters total as you want. 

4) We finally have the names of the months of the year up under Calendar!  This is all thanks to K's research work.  Also, each of the months of the year corresponds not only to a Chinese zodiac animal, but also to one of the kingdoms.  Another thing to note about the animals is that the patron animal for a given kingdom will also be the animal spirit inhabiting the king's sword - so because Kei is under the zodiac animal Rabbit, the divine sword of Kei will have a rabbit spirit tormenting the king.  Tai has an ox spirit, Sou has a horse spirit, etc. 

5) I want to reiterate that I don't mind if we sandbox the hell out of RH, building out wiki articles and complex histories and thorny interactions.  I know that it tends to drag most other games to a dead stop, but I want Restless Heavens to be a game where the sandbox is lively and encouraged, even if stories are slow.  I expect stories to be slow, actually, because of the thoughtful nature of the canon material. There will be no official activity minimums, though I will use my judgment and email-powers to determine if a person has wandered out of the game. 

Bonus - Have this Chinese instrumental music playlist!  And this one too!  They are very pretty and good to write to. 


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