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Just a reminder that there will be Restless Heavens chats on Wednesday 3/30, Thursday 3/31, and Friday 4/1 this week!  Chats will start at 4 PM PST, and will be held in the AIM chat room KirinRibbonParty.  If you want to be invited but can't get in for any reason, you can IM me at SupaSoc and I'll get you in!   The chats are across three days so that if you miss one, you'll probably make it to one or two of the others.

Tonight the chats will mostly be status checks, see how everyone is doing, seeing how characters are coming along.  I will also ask for beta-ing of some of the articles so far, and get a feel of which articles people want me to work on next.  Later this week will be chats more about the individual kingdoms, and also questions about culture, social norms, and the application process.  

Thank you guys, and see you there!

Date: 2011-04-04 08:46 pm (UTC)
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Feeling the need to note belatedly that I am EPIC FAILING at these due to failing at chatty things due to being a broken 'Ris. There is a lot of fail in this corner. Just sayin'. ♥


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