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National Temperaments added to Kingdom pages

I wrote a page called Current Status of Kingdoms, and designated which kingdoms are prospering, stable, and declining as of 2010.  In addition to that, each of the kingdom's pages   These are three paragraphs that describe the kingdom's economic status, their people's general attitude and demeanor, and the people's major concerns.  I'm not liking the name Political Climate though, and will probably change it to National Temperament, and put the Political Climate down as something to be filled out when some officials get filled in for the kingdom.   You can see an example on the page of Ren.   

Alterations to Application

Application.   The writing sample was changed so there are three different prompts the applicant can choose from.  The applicant is only expected to fill out a writing sample once, for the first character they apply with.   

Nexus Year is 2010

So our point of reference in RH is the year 2010 now, as opposed to 2005.  All of the information of the wiki operates with 2010 as our keystone year.  The Present Era of RH, which I need to get a better name for, will be between 2000 and 2015, so everything taking place withing those years are considered canon.  Anything before 2000 is backstory and all characters who died prior to 2000 are considered Historical NPCs.  Nothing that takes place after 2015 will be considered canon. 

Kirin and King Pages Finished

Kirin page and King page.   So was the Yellow Sea, tho it isn't as cool as the king and kirin pages.

Total Orgy of NPCs Encouraged

Though not literately involving orgies, unless we are talking about Nyosen.  But because there is so much world to cover, and the chances are very very low that will ever get all of the courts filled with PC characters (for one example, there are 96 governors in the world), we shouldn't feel shy about padding the world with NPCs.  Within the next week or two I will put up a Proposal sheet for NPCs that will be much shorter than the general application.  The proposal sheet would be emailed to me, and I'd give an okay or not within a day or two and then you'd be allowed to put them up on the wiki. 

For myself, I plan on having one NPC in every kingdom, at least.  Then again, I am the Big Modface so you don't have to go as crazy as I do (even if crazy is fun).  

Character Shenanigans

Check out the Character Sandbox to see who is in development at the moment!  I'm really pleased with how the characters are turning out  ;_;   Two things I had been really hoping for out of our character were (a) making characters who really push questions about the setting and the world and (b) characters who stretch the bounds of their predetermined positions, like nyosen becoming politicians, the blind becoming kings, women sages and generals, kirins who punch people in the face, etc and so on.  Creativity is what I value the most in these characters, and I'm pleased as pie so far.

Portals on the Wiki Sidebar

Check the Mainpage to see the new sidebar!  I will be filling out the portals over the next week or two, try to figure out some systems of organization.  And LOL I am absolutely not looking forward to doing the Glossary but it does have to be done.

Getting Together and Being Awesome!

The main point of the chats really was to see how everyone was and get us all knocking our heads together for this game.  And I was more than pleased with the outcome!  I was really happy with how many people showed up, and I hope that next time I'll have more substancial content for us to work with on the chats!   

Edit:   Worked on the Character Portal and the Glossary this evening!  Adore it!


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